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This Website is a promotional communication and is for information purposes only. The users of this Website are requested to read the following information carefully and to take it into account.


The products, services or information described on this Website are intended for private and institutional investors in Switzerland. In addition, the products, services or information may also be intended for private individuals to the extent permitted by the applicable regulations of the country selected by the user of this Website. A country's regulations may be applicable on the basis of citizenship, residence or other reasons.

Access to products, services or information may be prohibited to certain persons by local regulations, in particular persons and companies based in the United States, Canada, Japan or the United Kingdom. Persons subject to such prohibitions are not permitted to access this Website. This Website is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction where such access is prohibited by restrictions applicable in that jurisdiction. Please contact a competent consultant for further details.

No offer

The information and opinions published on this Website do not constitute a solicitation or offer to buy or sell securities or other investment products, nor an invitation or offer to engage in any other transactions. They are for information purposes only.

The information and opinions available on this Website are not to be understood as recommendations or decision-making aids for investments and other decisions of the investor and are in no way of an advisory nature. The investor is called upon to seek advice from a competent advisor, to seek clarifications independently, or to obtain further information before making his investment decision. If a person without direct contact invests in an investment product solely on the basis of the information on this Website, there is no additional duty to provide advice and the duty to provide advice is therefore deemed to be fulfilled.


Users of this Website are requested to educate themselves about the risks involved in securities trading. We expressly recommend that you read the Swiss Bankers Association's risk disclosure document "Special Risks in Securities Trading", which contains information on the risks involved in securities trading.

We draw the attention of investors to the fact that past performance is no guarantee of success in the future. The value of an investment can rise or fall at any time. It may happen that a position cannot be liquidated in time before a loss occurs. Due to the potential fluctuations in value of the invested capital, it is possible that the investor may not get back the capital initially invested. If investments are made in foreign currencies, they are also subject to currency fluctuations.

In any case, you should not enter into any securities transactions without precise knowledge of the risks involved and without know if substantial losses can be borne by the investor. We particularly recommend that you do not make any investments without professional advice.


Sustainability means the pursuit of economic success and long-term value creation while at the same time taking into account non-financial (i.e. ecological and social) factors.

For its deep value investment strategies, SG Value Partners focuses exclusively on analysis and investments in undervalued securities and therefore focuses on traditional investment objectives (increase returns). In particular, no explicit sustainability investment strategy/policy is pursued (no sustainability reference within the meaning of FINMA's Supervisory Communication 05/2021).

Nevertheless, sustainability is one of several important aspects in the thought and investment process of SG Value Partners and as such has always been part of our investment philosophy. The consideration of sustainability factors in the context of fundamental investment analysis is part of our ethical and moral principles as responsible citizens. These aspects may also be relevant in the context of risk management (sustainability risks).

Specifically, SG Value Partners may selectively exclude companies with controversial activities from the investment universe in accordance with international norms and standards.

SG Value Partners does not evaluate any adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors. Such concrete effects are currently not measurable in the investment strategies used.

SG Value Partners provides information on the sustainability factors considered upon request, but does not actively market the managed strategies as sustainable.


SG Value Partners has issued internal regulations for the remuneration of its employees and executive bodies. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that SG Value Partners complies at all times with all legal and regulatory requirements, internal guidelines and market standards as well as rules of conduct with regard to remuneration.

The regulations pursue the following objectives in particular:

  • Protect the interests of clients, investors and shareholders;

  • Promote and protect the reputation and sustainable and long-term development of the company;

  • Prevent breaches of regulations that could lead to legal and regulatory sanctions, financial losses, or reputational damage; and

  • Preventing inappropriate risks from being taken in order to achieve short-term success.


According to its business policy, SG Value Partners does not collect retrocessions from third parties. In the event a retrocession is received from a third party, it will be forwarded immediately. The transfer is made either to a client of SG Value Partners or to another financial intermediary.

However, SG Value Partners may grant retrocessions or discounts to third parties in connection with the distribution or placement of the investment funds managed by SG Value Partners. These payments are taken in full from the fees due to SG Value Partners and do not result in any additional burden on the fund’s assets.


The services of SG Value Partners do not include advice concerning the tax situation of the customer or legal advice. The tax situation of the customer in his country of domicile is not the responsibility of SG Value Partners but of the customer. SG Value Partners recommends that clients seek appropriate advice from a local tax specialist or legal advisor.

The Client is responsible for ensuring that the current and future assets held with the Bank and the income, capital gains and the like generated thereby are properly declared to the competent tax authorities and will continue to be properly declared in the future. The client is responsible for all tax liabilities related to the assets managed by the asset manager.

Warranty and liability

SG Value Partners takes the necessary technical and organisational precautions in the design and operation of its Websites to ensure their operation. Nevertheless, mistakes such as data loss or falsification, virus attacks, interruption of operations etc. cannot be excluded. Especially with automatically generated and displayed data, there is the possibility of deviations. Access to the Website occurs at your own risk. In particular, SG Value Partners does not warrant that the Website will function or be error-free. Nor can it guarantee that the Website or the respective server is free of viruses or harmful components.

SG Value Partners also expressly reserves the right to interrupt access to the Website until the security risks have been eliminated or, in serious cases, to block access to the Website. Any liability of SG Value Partners for any damages or consequential damages resulting from the interruption or blocking is excluded.

The SG Value Partners Website may contain links to other websites. SG Value Partners has not reviewed these websites and does not endorse or accept any responsibility for their content, the products, services or other items offered on them or their compliance with data protection regulations. The activation of a link is always at your own risk.

Any liability of SG Value Partners, in particular for financial losses from investment activities, as well as for damages or consequential damages resulting from access to the Website or individual elements of the Website or their use (or from the impossibility of access or use) is excluded.


All elements on the SG Value Partners Website are protected by copyright and belong exclusively to SG Value Partners (© 2020 SG Value Partners AG, all rights reserved). The downloading, printing, copying, saving and editing of the Website contents, in whole or in part, may only be carried out for private use.

If elements are reproduced in whole or in part in any form, electronic or written, the express mentioning of SG Value Partners is required. Copyright notices, brand names and other legally protected designations may not be changed or removed.

Reproduction in whole or in part, transmission by electronic or other means, modification, linking or use for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the express prior consent of SG Value Partners. Copyrights of third parties are reserved.

Registration and processing of data

When registering on the Website or submitting information via Website forms, some personal data is collected, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. You can also receive information and offers tailored to your profile. We also send periodic newsletters to our registered users with product and background information. These newsletters can be cancelled at any time. Registered users have the possibility to change or delete the data provided during registration at any time and to revoke or refuse their consent to data processing.

In order to be able to serve our customers, we require additional personal information about the customers and their financial circumstances. These are based on the legal requirements applicable to our activities, in particular in the areas of financial services and money laundering, and include in particular information on knowledge and experience in the financial sector, financial circumstances such as assets, income and liabilities, investment objectives as well as information on the origin of the assets.

Our processing of data is based exclusively on our legitimate interests in staying in contact and communicating with you as a potential customer or business partner, or in serving you as a customer or business partner. For this purpose, the data is made accessible to our employees and directors. Within the scope of delegation and commissioned relationships, third parties may be involved who comply with the corresponding regulations. SG Value Partners AG's data is held by a delegated IT service provider who guarantees compliance with the relevant regulations. Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties for purposes other than those mentioned. Data will only be disclosed abroad, if adequate data protection can be guaranteed.

Of course, we will provide you with information about the personal data we have stored about you at any time. We will also be pleased to correct or delete these at your request, provided that there are no legal storage obligations to the contrary. To contact us in this context, please use the contact details given in this legal notice.

If users leave comments on our Website, the time of their creation and the user name previously selected by the Website visitor are stored in addition to this information. This is for our security, as we can be prosecuted for illegal content on our Website, even if it was created by users.

Responsibility for data protection

The compliance function of SG Value Partners AG is responsible for ensuring compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. It can be contacted at +41 44 521 70 77, by post to SG Value Partners AG, Rämistrasse 50, 8001 Zurich or by email to info@sgvaluepartners.ch. By contacting the compliance office, you can exercise the following rights at any time:

  • Information about your data stored with us and their processing,

  • Correction of incorrect personal data,

  • Delivery or deletion of your data stored with us,

  • Restriction of data processing, provided that we are not yet allowed to delete your data due to legal obligations,

  • Objection to the processing of your data by us and

  • Data transferability, provided that you have consented to the data processing or have concluded a contract with us

  • If you have given us your consent, you can revoke it at any time with effect for the future.

You can also contact the supervisory authority responsible for you at any time with a complaint. We process your personal data only for the purposes stated in this legal notice.

E-mail communication

It should be noted that e-mail communication is generally open and unencrypted. Therefore, it cannot therefore be ruled out that data sent or received on this Website may be viewed by third parties and that contact with parties communicating in this way may be traced. Discretion in communication via e-mail is therefore not always guaranteed.

Lack of news

SG Value Partners is obliged to work towards maintaining or restoring contact between the client and the asset manager. To ensure that assets are not completely forgotten by clients or their heirs, SG Value Partners relies on the assistance of its clients. Please inform SG Value Partners if the address used by the client is no longer correct. Please inform SG Value Partners if you are going away for a longer period of time and if your mail should be delivered to a third person. One way to avoid a lack of news is to inform a trusted person about your customer relationship. However, SG Value Partners can only provide such a person with information if you have authorized it to do so in writing.

Ombudsman's Office

SG Value Partners is affiliated with the Swiss Financial Ombudsman Service (FINOS). In case of questions and complaints, our clients can also contact the ombudsman's office. FINOS is neutral and strives to work out amicable solutions for all parties within the framework of arbitration proceedings and to avoid costly court disputes.

The ombudsman's office can be reached as follows: Financial Ombudsman Service Switzerland (FINOS) Talstrasse 20 CH-8001 Zurich Phone +4144 552 08 00 info@finos.ch

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All legal relationships arising from access to the SG Value Partners Website are subject to Swiss law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.

Subject to change

SG Value Partners expressly reserves the right to change information on its web pages at any time without prior notice.

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