Some things never go out of style

Zurich, September 2022

Some insights survive the test of time and remain relevant. We count Benjamin Graham's seminal textbook "Security Analysis" from 1934 among them - congratulations on your 88th anniversary, Ben!

For almost two decades, this work has served us every day as a compass in our investment decisions - whether the sun is shining on the financial markets or whether the fog is clouding the mood.

And for exactly 2 years now, we have had the privilege of working with our clients in this constellation as founders and partners of SG Value Partners AG. This gives us pleasure every day and drives us on. We take these three anniversaries as an opportunity to continue our postcard series for customers and interested parties. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about us and our investment philosophy - or if you would like to receive our postcards in the future.

With best regards

SG Value Partners Team