Investing, jointly.

As an independent investment boutique, we pursue a consistent deep value approach in a global equity universe (including emerging markets). The focus is on safety of principal and an adequate return. We purposely distance ourselves from mainstream market chatter. We invest countercyclically and for the long term. This makes us independent and allows us to act free of bias or trends. Our independence enables us to implement well thought-out strategies free of prejudices and trends. We often find established companies that have been temporarily forgotten or misunderstood by the market or that have been punished for a problem.

SG Value Partners is an independent asset manager specializing in deep value equity investments. The experienced investment team is led by Sven Sommer (Chief Executive Officer, CEO) and Gregor Trachsel (Chief Investment Officer, CIO). Since 2003, they have been successfully managing deep value strategies together. Hence the “SG” in the name of the company, composed of the initials of the first names of the two long term collaborators.

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The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists.
Benjamin Graham